PUBG Mobile player spends Rs 16 lakhs from parents’ bank accounts

3 min readJul 9, 2020


PUBG is a term you must have probably heard by now. It is the abbreviated form of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Basically, it is a video game which is a multiplayer battle royale game. It is very famous all over the world. However, the entertainment factor does not mean it is all good. The game has become viral and is played by billions of people. The players have become addicted to this game. Moreover, it is hampering their quality of life.The game Interferes greatly with the studies of a person. The students who should be studying waste their time on this game. This results in loss in studies and concentration levels are reduced.

It is so because this PUBG mobile game addiction slows down their brain memory. Their behaviour become so rude. Even research suggests that the academic performance of PUBG players is dropping massively.

Similarly, the people who are working are also addicted to this game. They are busy playing PUBG instead of focusing on their careers. Due to this addiction, they donot fulfill their duties.

Furthermore, this game addiction ruins the relationships of people. They spend all their time on this time instead of with their family and friends. Similarly, it has also resulted in many crimes of murder and sucides.

Here’s the story of a guy who spend Rs 16 lakhs on PUBG Mobile Game

According to a report by the Tribune, the punjab-based teenager used the huge sum just to make in-app transactions in PUBG Mobile. These transactions went unnoticed until the parents got to have a look at their bank statements.

The report says that the father is a government employee and has been posted elsewhere while the minor lives with his mother. As per report, the 17-year old guy used his mother’s phone to make transactions and he deleted the bank messages to make sure no trace is left behind.

The parents thinks that the teenager is using smartphone excessively for online studies. However, upon losing over Rs. 16 lakhs, the parents realised that this has not been the case for the past few months. After the incident, the parents forced the teenager to work at a repair shop to avoid the addiction of game.

In an interview with the Tribune, the father said, “I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying. He is working at a scooter repair shop so that he realises how hard it is to earn money. I am hopeless now as the money was saved for my son’s future.”

You are not aware, PUBG Mobile is a free to play game available on both Android and iOS.However, the game does have in-app purchase options that include Unknown Cash (UC). The UC can be considered as digital cash which can be used to buy various items including weapon skins, characters and more.